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DOUZONE ICT GROUP has practiced our sustainable management strategy
by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations to develop into a sustainable organization.

DOUZONE, your market development leader presents a vision for growth with domestic companies

In the rapidly changing environment of ICT technology,
businesses need to be better prepared for 'Corporate information management' applying new ICT technology.
Based on this business environment, DOUZONE has newly established a concept of the flow cycle of corporate information while integrating them to our products and services in the market.

Our flow cycle of corporate information can be easily presented with 'ERP-EUC-EDB.'
Based on business information produced by ERP, EUC helps distribute corporate information effectively.
The information produced and distributed in such way is stored and managed in EDB in a safe and integrated manner.
Global NO.1 DOUZONE ICT GROUP -erp(enterprise resource planning)Production of corporate information , euc(enterprise unified communication)Distribution of corporate information , edb(enterprise data bank)Storage of corporate information