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DOUZONE ICT GROUP has practiced our sustainable management strategy
by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations to develop into a sustainable organization.

Digital transformation has become a critical strategy for survival rather than a matter of choice for businesses.
We actively promote digital transformation to companies in order to open new business opportunities and speed up digital transformation.

5 Main Areas for Strengthening Digital Transformation

With our self-developed AI Security Data Analysis System, we will create new services for SMEs to deliver new values.

Big Data

By applying real-time data analysis and AI technology to accounting big data, we use customers' data for credit evaluation.

Fin Tech

We use B2B company's tax accounting data to evaluate transaction risks. In addition, we connect sales credit of companies with fund services providers with an appropriate discount rate.

Remote Work

To make a smooth transition into remote working, we provide integrated management solutions which include telecommuting solutions such as video conferencing and messengers and core business areas like accounting and HR.


We provide our specialized cloud system that enables customers to process their work, manage computing system, and solve any issues related to security in real time.