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DOUZONE ICT GROUP will bring out corporate value through accurate and transparent management.

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Structure of Board of Directors
Structure of Board of Directors
Title Name Position
CEO Kim, Yong-woo DOUZONE Group Chairman & DOUZONE Holdings CEO
Director Lee, Kang-soo CEO of ERP Business Dept.
Director Ji, Yong-gu CEO of Solution Business Dept.
Other non-executive director Kim, Dong-wook Managing director of Bain Capital Private Equity
Auditor Kim, Kyung-do Auditor of DOUZONE BIZON
Outside Director Choo, Hyun Seung Professor of Sung Kyun Kwan University
Outside Director Lee, Cheol-hui Director of Chung-Ang University Gwang-Myeong Hospital
Shareholders structure
Shareholders structure
Sector Number of shares Percentage of shareholding
DOUZONE HOLDINGS 8,951,145 28.44%
Chairman Kim, Yong-woo 550,000 1.75%
Others 20,881,639 66.34%
Preferred stock 1,095,209 3.48%
Total number of shares 31,477,993 100%

Note) As of Sep.30.2022