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DOUZONE is a representative ICT group that provides Work&Life total solutions
in corporate, financial, commerce, healthcare, and public sectors

Dear All, I'm Kim, Young-woo, CEO of DOUZONE ICT GROUP.

We will promise you that we will stand tall not only in Korea but also around the world by securing new growth engines for a new era.
Welcome to the official website of DOUZONE ICT GROUP.
If you look at the history of ICT, both small and big discoveries in ICT have brought about profound changes in business operations and human lives all the way.
In particular, the recent ICT environment is changing from hardware to software and has opened up an era of services to become the centerpiece of an advanced future industry.

Established in 2003, DOUZONE ICT GROUP has dedicated to developing and distributing ICT solutions to our customers in this competitive domestic software market only to achieve value creation for businesses.
Through this, it has grown into a representative ICT group in Korea that provides Work & Life total solutions in corporate, finance, commerce, healthcare, and public sectors.

In particular, with our mission 'Customer's success represents our success,' DOUZONE ICT GROUP has cherished consumers' values and put ourselves in the shoes of customers.
We, DOUZONE ICT GROUP, will make unsparing efforts to create an environment where we deal with various requests from customers in a fast and efficient manner.

With accumulated ICT know-how and excellent talents, DOUZONE ICT GROUP will secure new growth engines that fit well with the new era.
We promise to become a leader not only in Korea but also in the global market. We expect you to show continued support.

Thank you.