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DOUZONE ICT GROUP has practiced our sustainable management strategy
by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations to develop into a sustainable organization.

DOUZONE ICT GROUP will grow together with our customers through customer-oriented management.

  • Customer-oriented
  • Growth through
  • Pioneer the future


Customer's analysis, needs, and requests become the new driving force of Company and we help our customers grow their business by identifying and providing their needs.

Growth through Customer Centricity

DOUZONE have a mission that the success of our customers is the success of our company.
Various products and services of DOUZONE function like the blood to support the management of a company. It plays a role to effectively respond to the rapidly changing business environment and various external change factors.
For shared growth with customers, we are managing ourselves and establishing a service mind.

Pioneer the future

DOUZONE has a passion for pioneering the future.
Being one step ahead of others, We have constantly strived to improve our customer service standards.
We are preparing for the future by accurately recognizing that the future of our customers represents the future of DOUZONE.