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DOUZONE is a representative ICT group that provides Work&Life total solutions
in corporate, financial, commerce, healthcare, and public sectors

DOUZONE is committed to practicing the core values of challenge and passion, communication and harmony, responsibility and trust.

Challenge & Passion

Challenge and passion represent that we never settle for where we are at, always set bigger goals and move forward without fear.
  • - Set a goal, pursue it without hesitation, and look back at the results obtained.
  • - Do not settle for the present and pursue new values.
  • - Don't be afraid to fail and just keep trying.

Responsibility & Trust

Responsibility and trust are the reflection of DOUZONE, which competes honestly and fairly with responsibility.
  • - Be your own master.
  • - Build trust in a relationship.
  • - Go back to basics.

Communication & Harmony

Communication and harmony represent that we maximize the synergy effect by forming a consensus through active communication and cooperation between departments and functions.
  • - Always work with the perspective of customers and listen.
  • - Be open-minded to respect others' opinions and diversity.
  • - Listen to any ideas and understand the differences.
  • - Share knowledge and ideas for collaboration in a open manner.