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DOUZONE is a representative ICT group that provides Work&Life total solutions
in corporate, financial, commerce, healthcare, and public sectors

DOUZONE ICT GROUP prepares for the future shaped by ICT with our customers.

As the digital transformation pioneer, we will gain a competitive advantage in technologies with human resource training and create products and services that would satisfy our customers.
  • Customer-oriented
    By creating products and services that would satisfy our customers, DOUZONE helps grow businesses.
  • Human resources & Technology
    By formulating our rules for human resource training and gaining competitive advantage in technologies, DOUZONE maximizes synergy effect.
  • Pioneer in the digital future
    Through consistent digital transformation, DOUZONE tackles different kinds of issues businesses now face and contributes to improving the future ahead.

We will jump up to be the leading company
in various business sectors.

Amid a fast-changing environment in the ICT sector, it's getting significant for businesses to manage their business information applied with new ICT technology. Based on the environment, DOUZONE has newly established the concept about the flow of business information to realize businesses' sustainable growth and is spreading our specialized products and services to the market.

Our flow of business information can be explained with 'ERP-EUC-EDB.' EUC is about producing and distributing business information based on ERP. Then, the information produced and distributed is stored in EDB in a safe and integrated manner.
Global No.1 DOUZONE ICT GROUP / ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Production of business information,EUC Enterprise Unified Communication Distribution of business information , EDB Enterprise Data Bank Storage of business information
We will make a consistent effort for digital transformation technologies.
Businesses are required to come up with new business models.
DOUZONE will take the lead in businesses' digital transformation by developing new digital technologies that are more significant than any tangible assets.
  • Big Data
    Big Data
    We identify new values
    by opening up various data occupied by companies
    and create a new ecosystem for mutual growth of businesses.
  • AI
    We help businesses
    by providing respective management information
    with our self-developed AI credit information analysis system.
  • Cloud
    In a cloud environment,
    we provide various services
    to help businesses digitally transform themselves.
  • FinTech
    By using tax and accounting information,
    we provide them with our specialized services for loans and accounts receivables
    to help businesses improve their competitiveness.