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DOUZONE ICT GROUP has practiced our sustainable management strategy
by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations to develop into a sustainable organization.

DOUZONE ICT GROUP is committed to practicing ethical management by practicing social responsibility and duty to develop into a sustainable organization.

DOUZONE Ethical management 1.Respecting employees Respecting them as an independent human being Creating a sound corporate culture 2.Efficient management Enhancing corporate value Disclosing corporation transparently  3.Customer satisfaction management Providing best products and services Creating customer value 4.Win-win management Creating culture for fair transactions Pursuing common development  5. Social Responsibility Sound business activity Fulfilling social responsibility

To this end, we enact the Code of Ethics and regard it as the basis for the decisions and actions of executives and employees in all business activities.

Responsibilities toward customers

Recognizing that enhancing the future value of customers is the top priority, DOUZONE ICT GROUP creates customers' value and earns their trust. We always listen to customers' opinions and always try to reflect their opinions. Under the applicable laws and regulations, their information is safely stored and managed. We do not disclose their information without consent and use them for other purpose.

Responsibility of shareholders

With rational investment and transparent and sound management, we do our best to ensure the interests of shareholders by increasing corporate value. All information is transparently disclosed to all shareholders in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and we provide management indicators and business activities in a sincere and honest manner.

Relationship with business partners

In all business activities at home and abroad, we comply with all laws and regulations of the country concerned, and respect international laws, international treaties, and international trade customs for our business. Equal trading opportunities are given to all eligible companies, and the partners are selected in a transparent manner. By establishing a fair trade culture with our partners, we strive for cooperative development.
All transactions shall be conducted fairly on an equal footing, and we do not engage in unfair trade practices that take advantage of the superior position in the transaction. Recognizing our partners as strategic partners on the basis of mutual respect, we pursue the development of common interests.

Responsibility toward the society

To contribute to the social development by conducting sound corporate activities that respect social values, we do not engage in any corporate activities through unreasonable means such as bribery or robbery of competitors' interests.
As a member of the local community, we fulfill our corporate social responsibility by providing useful services to local communities and citizens and participating in various social and cultural activities. DOUZONE ICT GROUP maintains political neutrality, guarantees the right to vote and political rights of its employees, but does not allow any political activities in the workplace.

Responsibilities toward employees

We respect each employee as an independent individual and protect their privacy. We strive to improve the work environment and the quality of life so that we can have pride and reward for our work.
All employees are evaluated fairly according to their achievements and abilities, and individuals and organizations are treated according to their contribution to performance. We provide them with fair and reasonable compensation. All employees are given equal opportunities to enhance their job competency and develop themselves.