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DOUZONE ICT GROUP has practiced our sustainable management strategy
by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations to develop into a sustainable organization.

DOUZONE ICT Group promises to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations through its management philosophy and principles.

DOUZONE Management Philosophy  Communication & Collaboration, Commitment & Trust, challenge & passion

The main principles of ethical management

We are committed to enacting the main principles of ethical management and putting them into practice to comply with laws and ethics and fulfill our corporate roles and social responsibilities in all business activities.
  • Precision management

    We comply with the law and ethics
    to accomplish fair work.

  • Transparent management

    To enhance transparency of management and accounting,
    we build a sound organizational culture.

  • Responsible management

    As a corporate citizen,
    we fulfill our social responsibility.

  • Win-win management

    We respect customers, shareholders and employees
    and seek joint development with our partners.