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DOUZONE ICT GROUP has practiced our sustainable management strategy
by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations to develop into a sustainable organization.

DOUZONE ICT GROUP shares ICT knowledge for mutual growth.

Free training for businesses

ICT knowledge sharing
With direct operation of education centers in five regions nationwide, DOUZONE has provided systematic and customized educational activities to corporate customers. In addition, through free nationwide training programs and DOUZONE seminars, we have supported educational services about institutional changes in laws and policies, important issues and trends.

In the DOUZONE Lifelong Education Center, DOUZONE ICT Academy has also provided core job training services including refund programs for the unemployment insurance of the Ministry of Labor Employment.

DOUZONE ICT Academy has provided training programs for businesses' management informatization and electronic tax invoice operation to strengthen its core capabilities. In particular, we have offered online video materials, training programs and seminars to increase accessibility of our ICT knowledge sharing activities.

Seeing is Believing

ICT knowledge sharing
DOUZONE has grown into a company through our main business area, ERP, based on our customers in the finance and accounting industries. By sharing our unique ICT capabilities that help us to emerge as a leading company in the field, DOUZONE has involved in various projects to foster mutual development between the market and businesses.

DOUZONE's knowledge sharing project, 'Seeing is Believing,' invites finance and accounting workers to its headquarter to give opportunities to experience new ICT technologies and spread a new business environment.

While customers are provided with the latest data on finance and accounting policies and regulations, we will be able to devise corporate ICT strategies applied with the industry's trends and issues.

DT Leaders' Forum

ICT knowledge sharing
DT Leaders' Forum is one of our activities for talent donation where a smart and new concept of management informatization is presented for corporate innovation.

DOUZONE gives opportunities for customers to directly see, hear, touch and experience the latest ICT technologies and smart solutions through our Smart Sarang Room. It would work as a place for experiences providing consultations on the optimal method that can be applied to the business environment of the company.

To share knowledge related to 'Smart Work,' which is regarded the innovative method for business practices and operation, DOUZONE offers our ICT talents to provide in-depth customized education programs for small audiences (15 people per time) that are only available at DOUZONE.
DOUZONE ICT GROUP has contributed to
the distribution of accounting software
for social enterprises.
While participating in the management support projects designed by the Ministry of Labor to strength capabilities of social enterprise from 2009, DOUZONE has provided various types of management support services to strengthen their competitiveness and enhance their management efficiency.

In particular, with active counseling activities through business briefing sessions, DOUZONE has offered ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and accounting-related programs at a lower price to improve the accounting knowledge of (future) social entrepreneurs and help manage various resources efficiently.

In addition, we provide free training programs for the installation and use of programs that establish its own server. We also operate distinctive supporting services such as C/S center, remote AS center, mobile AS center, DOUZONE ICT Academy Education Center, and internet broadcasting.