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Business Introduction

DOUZONE ICT GROUP provides ICT services that lead enterprise informatization.

ERP optimized for business of Korean companies

DOUZONE ERP has a series of specific lineups to establish a system optimized to suit business growth stages and characteristics of SMEs and large enterprises instead of industry type and business size.
In addition, our ERP system can be customized to fit a variety of business structures and circumstances.
DOUZONE has the largest market share in the ERP sector and takes pride in being able to provide a 'Korea-made ERP’.
ERP optimized for business of Korean companies
Our ERP is Korea's representative system that can expand flexibly according to the nature of the company and industry.
Accounting management HR/payroll management Sales management Trade management Purchasing/Material management
Operations management Outsourcing management Service management Information management Construction management Cloud
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ERP for non-profit corporations and public institutions
We provide a specialized ERP for non-profit organizations to manage and operate businesses in a practical and manageable manner by reflecting the nature of organizations, schools, and government institutions.
Budget management Asset management Sponsorship management Accounting management HR/Payroll management Information management Sales management Purchasing/Material management Production management Outsourcing management
Current Introduction Status
The excellence of iCUBE has been confirmed by more than 15,000 SMEs and middle market enterprises from various industries.

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*Number of iCUBE clients as of Dec 2018
(Unit : 1,000 = 1k)
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*Number of iCUBE clients as of Dec 2018
(Unit : 10,000 = 10k)
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Current Introduction Status Per Industry

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