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Business Introduction

DOUZONE ICT GROUP provides ICT services that lead enterprise informatization.

Lite ERP chosen by the most corporations and tax accounting offices

Smart A as Lite ERP is a program used by more than 90% of SMEs and tax accounting offices, and is optimized for corporate accounting businesses.
The program automatically collects major transaction data of companies, generates them as accounting slips, and identify errors or users' mistakes that may occur in the progress of tax returns.
Smart A has many innovative functions that only DOUZONE can offer to our valued customers.
Unimaginable abilities of AI accounting programs
You can access Smart A through not only the Internet but also other devices such as smartphone and table PC anytime, anywhere.
Since DOUZONE provides computer assisted support necessary for program operation, it is possible to reduce the purchasing and management costs of ICT-related equipment and prevent data leakage in advance with our backup and security services.
We are proud that we secure cloud storage for convenient data archive.
CloudBusiness managementAccounting managementHR managementPayroll management Logistics managementDaily labor managementVAT reportTax adjustment
Lite ERP for integrated management of corporate businesses
Our Lite ERP is designed to provide an integrated management of financial accounting, tax accounting, HR and payroll management, and production and distribution management. Our smart and automatic program carries out your accounting work of collecting, journaling, and inputting slips and identifies common tax filing mistakes.
Business management Accounting management HR management Payroll management Logistics management Daily labor management VAT report Tax adjustment
Current Introduction Status
More than 110,000 companies are using Smart A with standardized functions and processes
which can be applied to companies of all sizes & industries.

Current Introduction Status Per Industry

Smart A Current Introduction Status graph

Market share of e-filing of the corporate income tax return

Current status of e-filing of the corporate income tax return in 2010 (National Tax Service)
Smart A graph
Market share of e-filing for software developers
Software developers, Number of e-filing for software developers, Market share in percentage chart
Software developers Number of e-filing for software developers Market share in percentage
DOUZONE 342,653 89%
Other 5 competitors 46,207 11%
Total 385,860 100%
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