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Business Introduction

DOUZONE ICT GROUP provides ICT services that lead enterprise informatization.

We provide values beyond ERP.

In a rapid changing business environment, digital transformation for sustainable growth is a must, not an option.
ERP 10 is the most powerful solution to support digital transformation,
enabling your agile management decisions and flexible business expansion.
Transform operations by delivering globally advanced standard business processes across industries,
enabling business innovation and data-driven operations.
And by improving productivity and efficiency, we will finally lead your company into a leading company in the industry.
The center of changes for the future of businesses
ERP 10 is designed to integrate and connect all factors related to business management to effectively manage them in a systematical manner.
It also provides visibility to predict and respond to the future by analyzing the previous data and current situation of the business comprehensively.
Global businessLarge enterprisesPublic institutionsCloudManagement information analysisFinancial accountingManagement accountingGroup fund managementGroup consolidationGroup budgetBusiness planning Group financial reportingPerformance managementSupply chain managementHR/payroll managementPortalWeb APIWeb development tools
ERP 10 Core Values
ERP 10 consists of modules that your business needs.
The module is constructed like a Lego block and can be added or deleted as needed.
In addition, the systems you already use can be linked together to form a single integrated system.
And the data in the modules are interconnected to provide up-to-date data at any time.
01 Reinterpretation of ERP platform
· Framework/business module/operation tool environment configuration
02 Stregthening integration and expansion flexibility
· Reflecting extended operation non-dependency/continuity
· Strengthen data integration and accessibilit
03 Business Module Enhancements
· Integrated management system for companies
· Global management/ accounting management /convenience
04 Application of the latest ICT Trend
· AI/Big Data/RPA/Cloud
DEWS Studio
DEWS Platform that provides all necessary elements for ERP development
  • Design
  • Development
  • Test
  • · Template-based design

    · Automatic generation of meta-data

    · Automatic generation of design deliverables

  • · Implementation of No-Code and Low-Code environments

    · Automatic generation of source codes through standardization

    · Automatic generation of SQL through recommendation system

  • · Testing in the development environment

    · Automatic creation of test cases

    · Provision of Code Inspection function

DEWS Studio
  • DEWS Back-end Developer(DEWS BD)
  • DEWS Front Designer(DEWS FD)
  • Douzone Report Designer(DRD)
Optimal ERP for large and middle market enterprises
Our on-premises ERP analyzes respective work environments and characteristics to provide the most appropriate system to corporations, non-profit corporations, organizations, schools, and government institutions in order to manage all businesses and resources in an integrated system in a systematic and efficient manner.
Large enterprisesPublic institutionsCloudOperations managementlogistics managementAccounting managementTrade managementE-commerceService managementOutsourcing managementProject managementCost managementQuality management
Current Introduction Status
We have ERP templates specific to each industries to provide the best solution possible for businesses.
  • ERP for middle market and large enterprises Standard ERP / Extended ERP


  • ERP for SMEs Lite ERP


  • Electronics /
  • Machinery /
  • Plant
  • Cosmetics /
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Finance
  • Franchise
  • Distribution
  • Energy
  • Textile /
  • Public Institution /
    Public Enterprise
  • Food /
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