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Business Introduction

DOUZONE ICT GROUP provides ICT services that lead enterprise informatization.

Extended Solution designed to maximize productivity and convenience

DOUZONE ERP Extended Solution helps complete tasks efficiently and accurately across the office.
  • DEWS Studio logo
    Platform for ERP Development Tools
    The DOUZONE DEWS platform is the next-generation business platform of DOUZONE
    designed to center on construction efficiency and expandability with the latest IT technology
    based on 25 years of know-how accumulated for multiple domestic companies.
    ERP Development Tools Web based WYSIWYG AI development Git integration
  • EFIS 10 logo
    Solution for Consolidated Asset
    Based on previous practical experiences of consolidation, IFRS has been developed by accounting experts and ICT experts to support fast and accurate settlement for practitioners through process automatization.
    Consolidated asset IFRS Business analysis COA management Construction management Annotation management
  • ICS10 logo
    Internal accounting system
    In order to secure the credibility of financial statements,
    we provide a solution for internal accounting management with the best standards for internal accounting management system and manuals for application applied.
    External audit act Internal accounting management Advanced accounting system
  • MES10 logo
    Integrated manufacturing system
    We provide an integrated manufacturing system that can create profits
    by integrating logistics and data of sales orders from input of raw materials to shipment,
    and gathering and analyzing the data automatically collected in the field.
    Operations management Smart factory Factory automation Quality management Inventory management Facility management
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