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Business Introduction

DOUZONE ICT GROUP provides ICT services that lead enterprise informatization.

The best choice to protect corporate data and prevent information leakage

The state-of-the-art convergence security control center located in the DOUZONE D-Cloud center provides integrated data security services and helps organizations establish an integrated data protection platform based on digital forensics technology.
  • Argos EDM 로고
    Secure data storage service
    It is a backup solution to protect corporate data assets.
    Encrypted corporate data is stored safely at the DOUZONE D-Cloud center equipped with many state-of-the-art security facilities.
    They are strictly managed and operated by professional backup experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    Backup Spyware Vaccine Data protection Automatic Backup Encryption Data recovery Malware
  • Argos PIMON logo
    Solution for tracking and managing corporate internal data
    It is designed to identify the signs of illegal activities in advance by tracking and managing the creation and deletion of important corporate data in real time.
    In addition, the surveillance solution helps analyze and encrypt the status of important internal data to prevent data leakage.
    Tracking misuse case Industrial secret Data protection Real-time monitoring Data access management File's revision history
  • Argos DLP logo
    Solution to prevent corporate internal data leakage
    The digital forensics based database auditing solution analyzes the traces of industrial secrets and personal data leakage from various angles.
    Tracking misuse case Industrial secret Data protection Asset Monitoring Internet and program control
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