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Business Introduction

DOUZONE ICT GROUP provides ICT services that lead enterprise informatization.

DOUZONE’s cloud services make the work environment better

DOUZONE offers cloud services tailored to corporations to support the installation of a smart work environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a variety of devices including smart phones and table computers,
as well as a safe storage for information assets through specialized security control systems.
  • douzone cloud server images
    Specialized services for business servers where enterprise critical data is store
    A virtual server service that delivers high-quality business servers through cloud computing technology, cutting-edge IT technology, provides everything you need to install, manage, and secure complex servers
    virtualserver webserver dosattackblock servermonitoring databackup intrusiondetection vaccine firewall webfirewall VMserver DNSnameservermanagement IDC
  • douzone IDC images
    IDC services only for Corporate
    An integrated ICT management service optimized for the operation of DOUZONE solutions by providing high-tech infrastructure and ICT experts for server operation, data management, and security,the core of corporate computer management
    TopService LineLeasingService DdosBlockAttack ServerMonitoring DataBackup IntrusionDetection Vaccine FireWall WebFireWall DNSNameServerManagement IDC
  • Certified Electronic Document Center
    Certified Electronic Document Center
    DOUZONE Certified Electronic Document Center is the 9th certified electronic document center that has been approved by the overnment.
    E-document services allow paperless offices and safe management of data.
    ElectronicDocuments AuthorizedElectronicDocumentsStorage AuthorizedTrustScanCenter
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