Gangchon Campus of DOUZONE ICT GROUP is the future of Korea's ICT industry.

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The best company to work for with unlimited growth potential!
Written by IT professional reporter Kim Seon-ae

If you start to drive on the Seoul Yangyang Expressway from Gangnam in Seoul, you will arrive at the Gangchon Campus of DOUZONE ICT Group in about 40 minutes. Located in a basin-like terrain surrounded by low hills from every direction, the Gangchon campus makes you feel comfortable and cozy. Feng Shui masters said that it is located in the so-called 'Geumgye poran type (金鶏抱卵形)' which presents an area that looks like a golden chicken incubating an egg. It means this area is where the golden chicken waits for an egg to be hatched for the glory of its descendants. In fact, many business owners have their houses in this type of area. It seems like it is really awkward to talk about feng shui masters, its geography and others since we are talking about DOUZONE ICT GROUP, Korea's representative ICT group. But a place like 'myeongdang' refers to a good area for people, nature and various forms of life. So it's okay to believe that if the site where the office is located is good, both health and happiness will naturally follow to those who work there.

Creating the best work environment
to make their future vision a reality

Gangchon Campus of DOUZONE ICT GROUP is located in Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-Province. About 1,000 employees from DOUZONE BIZON and affiliates work on an area of 82,500 square meters (about 25,000 pyeong). DOUZONE has continuously grown by developing software for enterprise use and now emerged as Korea's largest ICT group based on their unrivaled technological prowess in the ERP sector. While focusing on business platforms, DOUZONE has continuously unveiled various new business models such as cloud, big data, AI, fintech, and blockchain. While steadily pioneering new businesses, DOUZONE has now become one of the greatest influential group in the market. Without any promotion campaigns, DOUZONE has grown into a group steadily and continues to thrive only with their power of technology and viral marketing.
DOUZONE doesn't settle where they are at and expands their capabilities in order to cover more areas of various business services. The reason why DOUZONE decided to move its headquarters to Chuncheon, Gangwon Province in 2011 was to make their vision of the future a reality. They believe that the power of a company comes from its employees, and it is imperative to provide a safe and stable environment where employees can create competitive products and services. They just put their ideas into action. It is recognized that Gangchon where the headquarter of DOUZONE is located belongs to the ‘Seoul area’ since you can get there within 1 hour no matter where you are in Seoul. You can ride on the the Seoul Yangyang Expressway or take double-track train of the Gyeongchun Line and ITX. In addition, you can just take DOUZONE shuttle bus which departs from major hubs in downtown Seoul to get to and from the headquarter.

DOUZONE D-Cloud Center that protects corporate data
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do Province, Gangchon Campus of DOUZONE ICT GROUP has research and office building and R&D Center as its main buildings, welfare building, building for resting zones, guest house, daycare center and others. As you're aware, this area is designed to provide state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure, pleasant work environment, and Korea's best welfare facilities. In particular, D-Cloud Center, the latest cloud data center, that fits well with the global standards is located in the research and office building. In addition, the government-authorized electronic document center and the authorized electronic scan center are also located there for Green ICT realization.

The R&D Center is the centerpiece of DOUZONE's R&D base where excellent R&D professionals are gathered to fully focus on research on the latest technologies and trends. In particular, DOUZONE D-Cloud Center is adopting sustainable behaviors, namely on Green ICT specialized for lower power consumption by taking advantage of the geographical characteristics of Chuncheon where the average annual temperature is low. Our corporate data is stored in the safest zone from natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. We secure our data safely and provide the best service possible by blocking access from the entrance and using biometric access control system and other devices such as state-of-the-art CCTV and security control system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, it is thoroughly managed to provide optimized service to customers with perfect emergency power source supply system that helps us not to stop providing services under any circumstances, air conditioning facilities designed to provide eco-friendly pre-cooling, advanced thermal detector for extinguishing the fire, and clean fire extinguishing agents that protect servers even in fire. As such, DOUZONE provides the optimized services in an environment equipped with authorized information protection systems recognized globally.

Pursue Green ICT
together with nature

The R&D building, the main building of the Gangchon Campus, has many spacious areas for resting here and there. In addition, all sides of the building are made of glass so you can always see the natural scenery. Busy workers can take a break from the screen to see the beautiful nature over the window anytime they want and feel refreshed. If you walk along the trail around the office building, you can see flowers blooming and falling all year round. A work environment as such can help employees emotionally and signifies developing ICT products and services in the middle of nature. A quiet and peaceful country life allows workers to reduce stress and be more creative at their work.

In addition, the R&D building has higher ceilings that make you feel more relaxed. A report published by a renowned research institute shows that people work most creatively in a space with a ceiling height of about 3 meters. It also reveals that if the ceiling is too high, the space is filled with noises, and if the ceiling is too low, workers may feel oppressed.

Resting spaces for employees
and for their families

A state-of-the-art dormitory has been also established for employees who find it difficult to commute to and from work. The word 'boarding' doesn't represent the purpose of its construction, so the word 'Resting Hall' is being used instead. It represents a place where workers can rest anytime they want. There are 100 rooms for two persons and 17 rooms for one person. They are used by workers who have to work overtime or take a rest for a while. In addition, they are open to their families on weekends. Since it is very close to many tourist spots in Chuncheon and Gangwon-do Province, they are allowed to stay in the Resting Hall like condominiums when they travel around the area without finding places to stay. As part of the welfare policy, the benefits are provided to invite their families to the workplace to help them feel close to DOUZONE and have a happy family with self-confidence.

Eatwell, havefun,
and stay fit and healthy

The welfare building has Health-care Center and Line-care Center where professional trainers are ready to provide a customized routine to make you fit and healthy. In addition, various convenience facilities such as an in-house restaurant, a convenience store, and a cafeteria are located to help workers communicate with others freely while enjoying their delicious meals. At the in-house restaurant, three meals are provided daily free of charge while Korean food, Western food and special menus are always provided during lunch to meet their palate. In particular, hearty and healthy breakfast is always ready to be served to the workers by the time shuttle buses arrive at the campus. It is easy to observe how important workers are to DOUZONE. For group meals, it is common to use food trays for convenience purposes, but the in-house restaurant serves rice, soup, and side dishes in separate plates and bowls like a home-cooked meal. This really reflects how much DOUZONE is trying to create an atmosphere like home. Executives also visit the restaurant with their employees to have a meal.

For their workers, both convenience store and cafeteria sell products at low prices. Convenience store offers a 10% discount and all menus in the cafeteria are available at 1,000 won. If best products and services are provided at a reasonable price, everyone benefits from it and, consequently, a virtuous cycle can be created to lay the groundwork for the development of the company. In addition, daycare center is the reason to which all workers can balance their life and work to maintain a more stable and happy work life.

Employee's health
is the best asset to DOUZONE

The Health-care Center evidently shows that DOUZONE cares a lot about the health of the workers. In particular, exercise equipment in the center is the best products in the world which are usually offered at a well-known hotel fitness center. It is only because DOUZONE wants to provide a safer place in which workers can exercise. Korea's best instructors are always on standby to check on their health thoroughly. At the Line-care Center, workers can enjoy Pilates, yoga and other various types of exercises.

It is believed that the developers' health is well related to the quality of products. That's why a lot of attention is paid to those facilities. Research shows that the health of office workers is much worse than that of those working in manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing workers often face some of the most dangerous workplaces and are highly likely to have an industrial accident at work. Therefore, the company pays special attention to their safety by equipping safety devices and safety equipment and providing safety training and instructions to reduce workplace accidents. However, it is easy for office workers to neglect their health issues since they are not seen clearly. In fact, those who have to work in front of a computer for a long period usually suffer various types of diseases such as VDT syndrome, turtle neck syndrome, and disk. In addition, since they have to be seated all the time, poor posture causes back pain, weakens muscle strength and leads to obesity due to slow metabolism. When you gain weight and have a large belly, you feel easily tired, lowering your concentration at work. It is almost impossible to expect their creative productivity while they suffer from chronic fatigue due to weak physical strength. All in all, workers can create products that satisfy customers only when workers are able to stay healthy at work. The health of workers represents the competitiveness of the company.

In-house daycare center
where working moms become happy

It is common for working moms to keep busy every morning while preparing for work and taking care of their children to send them off to a daycare center at the same time. However, both workers and their children are on their way to and from work in DOUZONE. DOUZONE Kids Care Center operates actively for children of DOUZONE workers. Many workers including director, childcare teachers, health teachers, overtime teachers, and cooks are ready to take care of children. DOUZONE hires them as full-time workers to give special care for children. Since they are fellow workers of DOUZONE, working moms and parents feel more secure.

In addition, by organizing a childcare operation committee, parents can be involved in many programs to reflect their ideas on the management of the center. They are encouraged to monitor safe nurturing environment of their children and participate in the management of the center. Even if they work overtime, they don't need to worry about their children, thanks to night classes. That's why workers don't need to be hurry to complete their work while children are properly cared for. Under the belief that only a good workplace for workers can grow their business, DOUZONE Daycare Center has emerged as a space for a healthy work-life balance.

A smart work center that makes it possible for
‘Smart Work’

The smart work centers are located at major business areas nationwide to help process work conveniently anytime, anywhere. In particular, DOUZONE Smart Work Center has many spaces such as open offices, independent offices, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting rooms, and lounges which are all regarded rare for a private company like DOUZONE. Not only that, a variety of office equipment such as wired and wireless internet, telephones, fax machines, and photocopiers are also provided for smooth work process. Consultants and construction managers visit the center frequently for their outdoor activities. To reduce travel time and support flexible work processing, the centers also have a complete mobile network infrastructure.

By taking advantage of existing IT coordination centers nationwide, DOUZONE has established a nationwide infrastructure for smart work to create a more flexible and open work environment. DOUZONE plans to expand their smart work network as well as information and communication equipment to develop DOUZONE Smart Work Center as an office space that fits well in the cutting-edge digital era free from the constraints of time and space.

Korea's leading ICT company
Standing up against global companies

As Korea's leading ICT company, DOUZONE has established a foundation for technologies and a healthy work environment to advance into the global market. Started with tax accounting programs, DOUZONE is now situated in an exclusive position in the specialized field and has competed with global companies in the domestic market. With the pride in confronting the world, DOUZONE is planning how to work in the global market beyond the domestic market. Just providing favorable conditions of work doesn't mean it's a ‘good company to work for.' Considering the poor conditions in the domestic software market, DOUZONE can be regarded as a good company to work for from a worker's perspective with an open corporate culture where the company always puts the health of our workers and their families first, and pays attention to the smallest details.

Gangchon Campus of DOUZONE ICT GROUP will serve as an outpost for unlimited success in the global market, as a cradle of creativity and passion and as a mecca for future high-tech ICT business. Through the current process, we believe DOUZONE would bear fruit and become a 'good company to work for' in the not-too-distant future. Setting grand goals, DOUZONE puts a lot of effort into boosting creative and innovative ideas through continuous investment in R&D and moves forward to a future ahead. It's not too much to say that DOUZONE is Korea's leading ICT company.